Thursday, November 17, 2005

Base google palava

huge amount this morning on the release. For the mainstream (of which i am most definitely one), is the incumbent approach to the apex of search and consumer driven content. Googles answer to relevance in the contextual web era. Whatever the bleeding edge jury is saying about this, i am most certainly still learning about the case. What peaked my curiosity is that i recently had some correspondence with some Sloan folks about their project. Their contention was that the power of community, reccomendations, trust and ultimately meaningful value to the enquirer resides in the micro-community approach rather than the much more annonymous, amazonian index the entire webs opinion approach. the concept attempts to match the most approapriate answerer with the query - doing so by leveraging micro user communitites. best read on base google so far is here....much more to come i am sure.


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