Friday, December 09, 2005

Answer this

Lots of talk on 2.0 answer technologies this week. I actually mentioned this several weeks ago in a post below i dont want to say any more about that project as the entrepreneur has asked for an element of confidentiality. Suffice it to say, their approach is very strong. I am a big fan of usability, make it really dumb so that i can show it to my father in 20 seconds or less. Remember shazam anyone? Well i have been a big fan of this service - its called 82 ask. The best measure of a this technology is to go and sit in a pub in london, ask for a pint of pride, get in a heated discussion about total minutae, disagree on the correct answer, and make a wager on the outcome using 82 ask! Again reminds me of the shazam days in london, but this really is helpful. Have wanted to bring this service here for a while. The mobile-illiterate US probably wont get it though, and i need the business model explained to me in more detail.


At 1/06/2006 03:16:00 AM, Blogger jayge said...

Call me and i'll try to better explain it to you..... perhaps better still over a 'pint of pride' this weekend.


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