Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Brother, Sister

Brother, Sister
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Spent some time organizing my photos today and again trying to figure out what all the fuss is about with Flickr - and Delicious - for that matter. There is Absolutely no way that the mainstream internet will adopt either - i guess that explains why they have both sold.

Yahoo continues to take on the 'dumb it down' responsibilities for cool technologies who have completely missed the mark on UI's for the mass market. these two tools are simply not easy enough to use.

And seriously - why is Flickr still in beta?

My younger brother and our sister-in-law at the restaurant in maine this summer.


At 1/06/2006 03:13:00 AM, Blogger jayge said...

Your 'brother from the picture' disagrees. Flickr has a more complicated interface yes, but look at the popularity of Kodak's Easyshare (previously ofoto) suite. This is prevalent in the UK for certain and definitely the way that people share pics amongst friends, colleagues and family. However Flickr made, in my opinion, one crucial slight tinkering to the Ofoto offering... one that means anyone can download the full size picture from your account meaning if they like it they can print.... anywhere. Ofoto holds you to ransome to print with them. For this reason Flickr will win and if they can make a viable revenue stream by holding the lion share of the market they will certainly have the last laugh.


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