Friday, December 16, 2005

KISS - lessons, lessons.

So Michael Parekh's recent Blog about the post yahoo / delicious merger and acquisiton world is a very important read, and not because of the arguments and complexities associated with who the next target should be. Michael again touches on what i also believe to be the governing premise or driver behind where the GYMAAAE's should be looking. I'll put it in far more 'layman like' terms than michaels argument (which by the way is spot on and relates to the battle for'presentation and navigation' in the web new.0 world) In 1992 i was but a college freshman (in boston) with a taste for a lager and a distracting hobby for computers. My dorm room mate and I were connecting to the 'world wide web' using a service called the world Command line drive PPP session initiation, rudimentary browsing capabilities, got us to a plethora highly active user groups - technologists and the such, sharing, discussing and creating what we have now all come to know as the internet. The community felt special, protected, unique. The collective view of unbridled excitement, vast horizons of opportuninty coined in our very own 'irrational exuberance' not experienced here since the guilded age some 100 years ago, was one day broken by steve case. Like it or not AOL drove mass adoption of these precious technologies - making sense of the web to millions upon millions world wide. they did it by taking the guess work out of the paradigm, dumbing down complex communication protocols and user interfaces all perfectly captured in the three word phrase that we have all come to know (and mostly despise). What did they do? they solved the problem of 'presentation and navigation'. A problem solved mind, by a small company in redmond 10 years before. Without causing you all coffee spills with nightmares of hearing "you've got blog' or 'your mother has posted your baby picture' - the battle for the keys to the mass market resides with the company that solves the challenge of navigating and presenting this new frontier. 'The World' thumbed their noses at the CDs arrving attached to magazines in the mail. look at their homepage today.


At 12/22/2005 08:12:00 AM, Anonymous El Has said...

Packaging, presentation, and ease of use was key to AOL's success - I was one of those geeks with an .edu addy who felt far superior to so-called AOLosers, but slowly understood that the masses wouldn't be lining up to get online via AS400 or VMS terminals. AOL also blew other companies like Prodigy and Compuserve (did they buy one?) in addition to your beloved (but sadly pathetic) "The World".

It was really Netscape, wasn't it, in the annals of Internet history, coupled with Windows 95, that really blew the lid off.


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