Friday, January 06, 2006

the internets darkening cloud

are telecoms about to toll the networks? this is becoming an increasingly legitimate question given statements from both eisenberg (verizon) and ed whiteacre (att). the article in todays WSJ does some good work on covering this issue. Are telecoms going to toll consumers based upon what they are using the internet for? My good friend Hass is a bandwidth sucking F5 vortex compared to me - if you were to look at our use per month, i am sure this would be the case. So in theory - one could at least discuss the concept of him paying a premium compared to others - i say in theory because the harder question is how one measures this - not by what bandwidth is used - but by what it is used for. Discriminating against content providers could be a very sticky business. Can we innovate our way arround these telecom toll booths that are being lobbied for right now?


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