Tuesday, February 21, 2006

American Ports

My father just mentioned something rather telling.. With all this congressional palava over the P & O port deal, it might be worth pointing out the following: 1. The deal is complete, any reversal will involve major litigation. 2. They dont own the physical ports - just the assets within the ports - security is still the responsibility of the coast guard and DHS 3. 90% of all supplies for the war effort in the gulf are transported via a danish carrier. you know - that country that draws cartoons? the solution to the security problem (less than 7% of all existing boxes coming in to this country are even checked) does not reside with a UAE holding company purchasing business assets - It resides with a completely antiquated and broken Coast guard Port system and related customs infrastructure - the danger to this country is the idiots who preside over port security policy, those same idiots who report to you idiots in congress.


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