Monday, February 20, 2006

ricky gervais is charging

the world watches and waits as one of the modern days funnier people attempts to leverage his astounding success using the podcasting medium and build a business around it. Its been well known now for some time that the ricky gervais show podcast is the most popular show ever. i think i'm correct in saying millions of people have subscribed to the 12 epsisode first season. So it came as a suprise as i fired up the final episode today to hear that they are intending to continue this success - but will now be charging for it. $6.95 for 4 episodes. I am truly stuck as to whether i want to pay for that. Or do i force them to weave more ads in to the cast to pay for it? i am sure therer are many who will be fascinated to see how this goes. On a seperate note - Shameless is the newest dark comedy sensation for the UK - not for children but it is truly...well.... shameless.


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