Sunday, April 23, 2006


I like many other's who have more than a passing interest in new technologies have been eagerly trying to keep up with the RIYA developments. For those who Don't know, RIYA is a New Photo recognition and sharing service being built in SV. I have tried it (beta) and it jammed my machine on the upload - I unistalled and decided to wait until it is more stable for non techie's like me. The CEO of the company, Munjal Shah blogs about his CEO experience with RIYA. Its an interesting read - reccomended for Entrepreneurs. I found this quote by Munjal interesting. Munjal is speaking to an annual gathering of Wharton MBA's.

When all the MBAs and McKinsey consultants start leaving their jobs to come to the valley, you are in the middle of a bubble. We must just be in a bublet…;-). One question a 2nd year asks me is, “You keep talking about blogging but how does letting all your employees blog create a consistent message for your company. Our marketing teachers told us consistency of message is critical for success.” I respond by saying, “Your professor is wrong, as advanced readers/watchers of media we no longer believe anything that is too consistent and obviously your professor doesn’t get that markets are conversations.”
I agree - the professor is wrong. We are much more sophisticated media consumers. We have many screens (3) and channels by which to consume. We increasingly control what and how. We increasingly see through the fake. We increasingly appreciate the authentic before the consistent. For those who want a quick lesson on this set of emerging thoughts, i encourage you to visit with another very smart Indian Chap named Umair Haque. HIs work can be found at a very popular blog called Bubble Generation


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