Tuesday, May 23, 2006

On Condi Rice and BC protestors at Commencement

Lots of coverage of Condi Rice speaking at the BC commencement yesterday, including the resignation of one professor in an open letter to the Boston Globe. I just wish more of his colleagues would do this, and here's why. My youngest brother spent 4 years at BC, ending yesterday. He worked hard, double majored, made life long friends, learnt imeasurable life lessons, and on that wonderful day made two parents and countless family members and friends beam with pride - a richly deserved accomplishment for him and for all of us, and a day we will all treasure for life. Look at you, and look at your students. Your signs dont reflect their day. Not one sign is being held up by the body in view. thats because Its his day not yours. Your selfish act of misplaced protest belonged outside this forum where he and thousands of others take on the life responsibilities and privelidges of an educated person. Something not lost on Condi, clearly lost on you lot. This was not about politics or polarizing public figures - it was about thousands of people who were celebrating an achievement. They certainly weren't celebrating in your names.


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