Friday, June 23, 2006

On Music of the week

Well i bought 3 albums this week. My fiancee and I are in the process of selecting the music for are looming wedding, and we looked back over our 10 years together and found this gem. If you have not hear this before give it a go CHICANE A beautiful album - pity no others followed. The second album i bought was Keane's new one. Just starting to listen to it -- but for a sophmore album i am impressed from how much of a departure it is from hoeps and fears Finally, and again, on the wedding tip, i looked back and re-purchased Dzihan an Kamiens debut album called freaks and icons Beautiful down tempo, dark, moody stuff. I am going to try and do this every week so any suggestions for new stuff, wedding stuff, old classics and so on would be great.


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