Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On: Mumbai

Well another sorry tale in religious differences distorted. Today we turn to Mumbai, bustling city of 17 million people comes to a complete halt after what has become an all too common tactic of simulataneous transportation bombings kills at least 135. What struck me as i watched this coverage - CNN flipped to its indian affiliate this afternoon - was how much emphasis they were placing on citizen journalism or CJ. Social ly integrating media output - participation of viewership in the shaping of events, highly time sensitive transport mediums (texting). The talking head was literally begging the viewership to ' text in your mobile video clips of what you saw'. And this is CNN! well its no atlanta i know that for sure. i found it truly fascinating to see a tragic event unfold through the eyes of hundreds of CJ's. CNN India was using its key distribution asset to allow indians to tell their own story. Ofcourse - this is of no significance in the face of the tragedy that these bent individuals have seen fit to impose on innocents. My thoughts are with all those who are going through tragic circumstances and hardship.


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